More news of Kin’iro no Corda ~secondo passo~!

Hi guys! I know the news are like 2 days ago (old news, maybe) but I found out that you can find the summer uniform for the characters in the the official website’s Character section here.

Second, you can also find a scene of the TV special at the Story section of the site which is here. It changes everyday so watch out for different ones! >D

Lastly, the TV spot/commercial for the special is already out! It’s 15 seconds long and please go here to watch it! This TV spot is narrated by Kaho-chan’s seiyuu, Reiko Takagi!

Look for: ♪「500k」で視聴する /♪「1M」で視聴する. Choose either the 500k or 1M. It’s probably for the connection but I can’t check it since I only have dial-up. The 500k is probably the lower quality and 1M is the higher one.

There’s an update in the Staff Blog located here. The previous update is that someone sent blue roses(?) to Kouichirou Muroya, Tsukimori’s performer in the Stella Concert. The latest one is that it shows Masakazu Morita – Hihara-senpai’s seiyuu recording his part of the song in the studio. There will be a next update on this as well.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll try to keep a close eye on the News section in the official site~


P.S: The Kin’iro no Corda Seisou Gakuin Sai 2 is going to start this Saturday and Sunday! Watch out for any reports in the Staff Blog!

P.S.S: I have a favour to ask of anyone that, can someone rip the 500K commercial and put it for download on MediaFire? I really want to watch it! And second, can someone find out whether the April issue of LaLa that contains MiShounen Produce by Kaoru Ichinose is the same or another different story than the one on January issue.


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