Plenty of news! Kin’iro no Corda ~secondo passo~ update!

About the theme song ringtone, as written in my previous updates, the site can only be accessed through mobile phones in Japan. Also, there’s two versions as mentioned. You will need to purchase it for ¥105 per ringtone.

Broadcaster Kids Station‘s 847th episode of Anime Paradise! featured ~secondo passo~ along with the guest appearance of Miyano Mamoru.

Furthermore, there’ll be a booth for ~secondo passo~ at the Tokyo International Anime Fair.

At the booth, there’s going to be an early screening of the first episode as well. If my assumptions aren’t wrong, an violin exhibition is also set to be held. Amaya-san corrected me that someone at the booth will show a violin with a golden string (hence the title Kin’iro no Corda) at the Fair.

The series’s anime character designer, Fujioka Maki will do an illustration on a big sized paper bag/shopping bag live! The exciting part is there’ll be models modelling the General Education Department and Music Department’s school uniform!!

More info as they come….

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