Event: Kin’iro no Corda Seisō Gakuin Sai 2

Kin’iro no Seisō Gakuin Sai 2 is literally translated as Kin’iro no Corda 2nd Seisō Academy Festival. The festa is also part of the Visit Yokohama Forum.

Oh yes, about the recent live concert Stella Concert 2… I expect it to be released into DVD soon, as the first concert was also later released into DVD.

Here’s an image that I took from a screenshot of the festival’s official website. Also another image is of the all characters which include Kaji and Etō from the Kin’iro no Corda ~secondo passo~’s official website. It’s looks nice! Nevertheless, I’m disappointed that they weren’t able to capture the uniqueness of Kure-sensei’s art. Her art is much more beautiful!~ *o*

Please click for a larger image.


In the manga, Etō-kun’s arrogance was shown through his eyes, his hair was also messier. While Kaji-kun’s expression is odd. Look at the Classic Collection cover art at my other post.

Back to the event, it’s to be held for 2 days on March 14th and 15th. It has been confirmed that seiyū of respective characters are attending. Scroll down to see the list. Pacifico Yokohama, National Big Hall in Kanagawa Prefecture is the venue of the event.

Live drama, live talk and live performances of the songs from the franchise are among of the scheduled programs. There is an entry about the live drama’s prologue here: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/media/event/2009/seisou2/special/ and search for an entry titled: イベントドラマ プロローグ公開♪.

Amaya-san didn’t really understand the entry but she said that it’s maybe about Etō-kun cycling one day and saw Kahoko and Kaji (since a guy called out to the girl and addressed her as Hino-chan) and Kira.


Hino Kahoko – Takagi Reiko
Tsukimori Ren – Taniyama Kishō
Tsuchiura Ryōtarō – Itō Kentarō
Shimizu Kei’ichi – Fukuyama Jun
Hihara Kazuki – Morita Masakazu
Yunoki Azuma – Kishio Daisuke
Kaji Aoi – Miyano Mamoru
Etō Kiriya – Hino Satoshi
Fuyumi Shōko – Satō Akemi
Kanazawa Hiroto – Ishikawa Hideo
Ōsaki Shinobu – Konishi Katsuyuki
Kira Akihiko – Uchida Yūya
Lili – Mizuhashi Kaori

It has also been reported that Masuda Yuki who voiced Amō Nami was scheduled to appear along with the entire cast, however due to her health, her appearance is cancelled.

Kōichirō Muroya (Tsukimori’s performer), Yūri Matsumoto (Kaji’s performer),  Etō-kun’s performer and a cellist not related to the franchise are to appear at the event. 

You can visit the site here: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/media/event/2009/seisou2/

Oh before I forget, the Neoromance franchise is in its 15th anniversary! You can visit the site here: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/neoromance/15th/

Watch out for more updates!

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